Find out about Me:

I do lots of different things but all of them are about creating stories. This website collects together the stories I have told and the stories I am telling, and also functions as a place where people can approach me to tell stories with or to them.

Current Stories:

I'm making a book with Unbound called Mansplaining Masculinity: preorder and pledge to help it get made!

Season 2 of magical realist podcast drama The Family Tree started in September 2017 and will end in April 2018

Recent Stories:

In April 2017 my podcast Getting Better Acquainted won a British Podcast Award (bronze in Best Interview Category).

In 2017 I published a series of personal essays on Medium called Down to a sunless sea: memories of my dad

In 2016 I wrote and performed this: BBC Radio 4: Four Thought - Liberating Men 

I also recorded an archive of oral history and true storytelling for the Our Warwickshire project.

I did a full run of my solo show What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity at the Free Fringe in August 2015. I also performed it in London in 2015 and 2016 including for an audience of 300 students at UCL. You can listen to it in podcast form here.

Back Stories:

My drama series Numbers, written for RethinkDaily, was nominated for the Sony Radio Awards in 2009. My podcast Getting Better Acquainted was nominated for a Radio Production Award in 2012 and was featured on BBC Radio 4's In Pod We Trust, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Required Listening and has been recommended by The Guardian, Time Out and the Financial Times. I ran a live night and podcast called Stand Up Tragedy for 5 years which was been recommended in The Guardian and The Independent. It's currently on hiatus but I hope to bring back the tragedy in the future. I produce the Restart Podcast which goes out online and on on Resonance FM. I co-wrote and produced the Cbeebies Radio series, Ministry of Stories. I am a part of the Spark London team, hosting their Hackney true storytelling Open Mic, running true storytelling workshops and producing podcasts and live shows for them. I’ve run workshops on podcasting independently and for Pod Acadamy and given talks about podcasting. I write and produce music. I write for the page, the screen, the stage and for myself. Before I went freelance, I worked for the library service, first as a library assistant and later as an Early Years Library Outreach Worker, a job I did for 5 years until it was cut in 2014. I have 7 years experience telling stories and singing songs to the Under 5s.